Tell us where you'd like to shop. Tools. May I present to you the future of paint stripping your miniatures So today I had the idea of using the agent I use to clean my paintbrushes to strip some models I wasn't happy with; Isopropyl is a pure alcohol that can be bought readily from DIY stores, chemistry lab companies and even from Ebay in vast quantities. Check Out Events. Stick with Dot 3. Castrol Super Clean. I've experimented a little with super clean. The bases can actually go soft on you. Watch for upcoming events— from racing to fishing to BBQ cook-offs. The reason I bought one is so I can keep the solution in the container for future use. It’s just a bit thin and doesn’t fill “deep” gaps too well. For a step-by-step guide on how to use our products, visit the Applications page. Scrub immediately with a stiff bristle brush like a tooth brush. … But I never put two and two together and thought about using it to strip paint off of miniatures. Essentially, it’s a way to clean the living hell out of a material by soaking it in super-hot water and various cleansing agents. Apply to the surface. Cleaning miniatures with vinegar is very efficient and can be tried out for cleaning the antique items at home. These little baths are usually used to clean jewelry, but work nice for stripping minis as well. What makes the stuff so special is that it not only gets rid of paint and other household … Where Super Clean fails (at least for me) is spray paint. Simple Green. Order online! You wanna live buy towels … IN-STORE 7 IN STOCK - Aisle 21 Need more? Making Magical … 4.7 out of 5 stars 121. But, seeing as I’m currently putting the finishing touches to a small 30k Mechanicum Army, and a Night Lords ally force with their Primarch, I have no choice but to … your gloves if they are getting paint back on your clean model, you model if it still has loose paint etc) back into the Dettol mixture NOT tap water to remove any loose paint from it. Rubbing Alcohol. This is very important - if you place the mixture with loose paint into water, it will clog up your brush and the model, and … i can strip thick multiple coats of paint off of plastic and have it come out like its new off of the sprue. Wait, that would imply that I am actually going to get to the point of re-painting old figures which need stripping rather than painting on the shiney new lead, pewter, plastic, and resin piles which are strewn across my painting/gaming area. Brake Fluid. Clean tools perform better and last longer. After soaking for only 10 minutes I could brush off all the paint (and the primer) down to the shiney metal. From home to shop, we have products to tackle … As an Amazon Associate we earn a commission from qualifying purchases. The best tool for paint stripping in my book is... brake fluid. Can You Clean and Strip the Paint of … i currently use simple green and it works great on removing acrylics off plastics (it seems to strip … When stripping miniatures with Super Clean, would it destroy or damage any green stuff? $16.07 SuperClean Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Spray, Biodegradable, Full Concentrate, Scent Free, 32 Ounce, Pack of 2. To that end, we are taking a look at the Best Sprue Cutters for miniatures and models. 1 year ago. Laundry stripping can be done in a traditional washing machine, though it requires a top-load washer. Hello everyone! Will need lots of scubbing too (get a good hard bristle brush) and mabye even multiple soaks. Put a couple of drops of water in the cup, press your finger over the end (where the paint comes … Oven Cleaner ***Please note some solutions might not be safe for stripping lead minis as they might cause lead rot. You can buy it at any gas station and at many run-of-the-mill supermarkets. Wipe it out and finally polish it dry. Table of Contents show CHECK OUT THE BEST HOBBY STUFF 2020 HAS TO OFFER. This thread is archived. Your list: 2 plastic containers of the same size, the … Additionally, if a model has a varnish, with a bit of extra time, an ultrasonic cleaner will easily remove … Perfectly cut trim and other materials at angles from 45° up to 135° to create super clean joints; Designed to cut moulding, trim, plastic tubing, tack strip, quarter round, and any light material. Super Clean is great for the outer layer of paint. So you plug in the ultrasonic, throw your minis into the bath, add Super Clean, and then press the On button. It also doesn't dissolve superglue. Make sure it won’t damage your affected surface by spot-treating an inconspicuous area. Straight undiluted super clean. When you are done, clean it, Spray lots of water through it to clean out the inside, If you have some, spray some thinned down IPA through it which you may have bought already after following this paint stripping guide. It is about twice … In fact, I despise the stuff. Don't! I gave both minis a very good scrub with dish detergent after I was done stripping … Warning: read the label of your brake fluid carefully. That’s why automotive and cleaning professionals insist on Super Clean, the most efficient grease remover. The mixture does loosen joints of "green stuff" modeling putty and occasionally super glue, ... (i.e. If it’s not, reapply acetone to the cloth and dab the liquid onto the … It will remove GW and similar paints. Check other stores. Order online! … Archived. $7.99 Super Clean Foaming Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Spray, Biodegradable, Full Concentrate, 32 ounce. save hide report. Now I don't know what paints were used in these used models that I was stripping so in the rapture of the moment and in the principle of scientific exploration I pulled … If you cant spare 10$, wargaming is obviously not the hobby for you- so feel free to leave now ;) So- to start off you need to either go shopping, or raid the kitchen & garage. Sort by. u/Uxion. … Especially black primer on plastic. A ratio of 1:10 IPA to Water will suffice. Cadaver here from Home Of Cadaver bringing you a tutorial on a process that most of you modelers have definitely stumbled upon – how to strip paint from models.. As you may probably have seen in my previous article, I am back on the modeling train and this time I am getting excited on the brand new Necromunda release.. That being said, being an old school gamer I love my … It is designed not to damage metal car parts or plastic pipes but also to prevent corrosion and remove impurities. Fort Frances, ON (as of 3:26 PM) Need more? If you do end up using brake fluid or oven cleaner , make sure you give it a good wash in soapy water after you finish stripping the model , so you have a clean surface to paint on , since Simple Green is soap, just rinse it off real good with water. In fact, if you strip miniatures attached to a plastic base, such as Games Workshop's "slottabases," remove them before cleaning with Pine-Sol. The one used in cars. It might be worth adding that you should clean the models with soapy water afterwards for people that don't do this often." Great for cleaning auto parts, engines, shop equipment, tools, floor scrubbers and more; $28.99. The Towels go get some junk towels! They will be warm. Almost a dunk and rinse procedure, it is that fast. Anything acidic is NOT a good thing to strip lead with. Run for 3 cycles . 3 parts water to 1 part super clean 8 parts water to 1 part super clean 16 parts water to 1 part super clean; Automotive: auto parts, engines, tires, underbodies,shop equipment: carpets, floor mats: vinyl seats and dashboards, upholstery, car covers, truck bed liners: chrome, stainless steel: Indoor: drain opener, floor wax remover, garbage disposals, ovens, scuff marks, shop floors: fireplaces, shop equipment, … level 1. Unlike other common laundry products, the cleaning agents used to strip laundry don’t have a waxy build-up that forms over time and causes clothes to become stiff and uncomfortable to wear (laundry scent beads, we’re looking at you). Can you strip paint off miniatures and models with an ultrasonic cleaner? i even use it to clean some super stubborn FW release agent off of models that i have had soaking in cleaner for 6 MONTHS. The ultrasonic cleaner is a safe way to clean off paint from any painted surface. All I can say is WOW! you may have to soak for several days to several weeks. I also recommend chopsticks to fish out the miniatures and a sealable container. Watch Our Tips. Hobby . I think I may try that with the Castrol Super-Clean and do the side by side test – and photograph the results and then post it to my blog. For this you need to boil the vinegar solution in a stainless-steel vessel, submerge the object in the same for about 30 seconds or more, till the tarnish goes off. Just add a small handful of bits at a time, shake it up and leave it until it melts. Let it cool before more cycles. Spellbound Miniatures. My two tests tonight both yielded very clean minis in a very short period of time. And the latest viral trend to make the rounds is towel stripping, a subset of laundry stripping. Hobby . Events. The particular one I used contained a glycol ether … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Wait 10 minutes to see if the acetone is too harsh for the surface. i need to strip an enamel based paint (krylon) off some plastic models and figures and i've narrowed it down to easy off, castrol clean, and brake fluid based on research from dr. faust and other sites. You've probably tried tons of products for removing paint already, but this amazing product strips hobby miniatures in less than a minute. 0 In stock Showing inventory for stores near: Use my location Don't see your store? I would not recommend brake fluid for stripping paint off of plastic miniatures, and would only briefly consider using for metal miniatures. Paint stripping can be tedious and even bad for a model if done haphazardly. 75% Upvoted . Fort Frances, ON-1000 King's Highway, ON P9A 2X6. Since not everyone has one, using the bathtub is often … share. But the right snips can save you some time and frustration when cleaning up your models ready for paint. With this, you are essentially gap willing with more plastic, so it’s brilliant stuff for this task. 4.6 out of 5 stars 561. SC does not damage bones. 4 comments. If you don’t have this, water will do for now. Some will complain the set up I use is too expensive. Super Clean is a degreaser, and will probably not work all that well for stripping paint. i have stripped metal models completely clean in 4-5 hours. This stuff attacks paint aggressively. 101 Uses. (Need to double-check that.) You just wasting money you can use to buy new miniatures if you just toss it out all the time. Powerful adhesives like ... Add a small amount of acetone-based nail polish remover to a clean cloth. You want a thin paste. How to Clean Resin for Your Miniatures (Super Easy) by thebiggoldfish; June 20, 2016 April 27, 2020; 15 Comments; Miniature Hobby, Tutorials & Guides; Tags: Forge World Miniature Modeling. Super glue can save you in a pinch during all your projects. Soak for 24 Hours. If I need to strip a Bones mini again, I will post something here. View … Windsor and Newton Brush Cleaner Stripping Solutions for plastic minis: (Test on a crap mini first for overall safety.) Pinesol. You can leave models in super clean for months and it won't damage them. I've been stripping miniatures, metal, plastic, and resin for over 10 years and have never had any destroyed in the process. Close. Super easy to make, just cut your sprue up really small (if the bits are too big, they won’t fully melt and will leave chunks in your bottle). 2 years ago. Always test a piece first. 2. Rinse and let dry. This is where Brake fluid comes in. Don't use your wife's nice towels or she will kill you! There is no additional cost to you but we may receive a small consideration for the referral. best. FW resin is safe so long as you take it out after 12 to 24 … Posted by. I’m not a fan of resin. When stripping miniatures with Super Clean, would it destroy or damage any green stuff? Super Clean is caustic, so wear gloves. Then, allow it to cool and rinse to remove the vinegar traces from the item. Super Clean is a multi use chemical for striping miniatures, no need to toss it and buy more. Click this link & buy your hobby stuff from Element Games for the UK & Europe to support – Use Code … You can strip acrylic or other paint products from miniatures. Mine was about $20 on Amazon (different brand than pictured), but basically looks the same. read the guide … Pine-Sol, as the name suggests, uses pine oil as the active ingredient. I left 20 orks sit in it for 3 months and they weren't damaged. the thing is, most places only mention acrylic paints, so i dunno if these have any effect on them. While brake fluid can be very effective, you need to be very careful, it will eat plastic very quickly. Stripping and repainting models. So far however my conclusion is that a short soak of 20-30 minutes in undiluted Superclean will basically strip a bones mini of most it's paint and not damage the mini it's self. Multi Surface All Purpose Gunk Remover Aerosol Degreaser, Biodegradable, 17oz by Super Clean. Buy them here .

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