A ShadowClan patrol enters the ThunderClan camp after Lionblaze picks a fight with their border patrol. She succeeds in rescuing Icecloud. Patchpelt’s son, (Dovewing’s first cousin twice removed by marriage) is Graystripe. She sees Birchfall and the other former Dark Forest trainees are refused to help, and Dovewing wonders if they are being shunned because they were Dark Forest cats. Tigerheart defensively responds it wasn't his idea. They were originally mentioned as pale gold in, It was revealed by Kate that the Three did not lose their powers after the events of. Dovepaw is first to hear that a tree is falling, and tells all the cats to clear the hollow. She joins Bumblestripe and nearly falls over, but Bumblestripe catches her. Dovewing, along with Jayfeather and Lionblaze, lost her power after completing the prophecy. I also wanted more cinnamon cats in … Her mate Bumblestripe presses his muzzle into her fur, asking if she's okay. She was the third cat of the prophecy. After he asks her about this, she tells him she believes they have to leave the Clans and raise their kits elsewhere. She is part of the patrol tracking the rogue scent in their territory that then crosses over into ShadowClan. When Sorreltail is giving birth, Jayfeather gets her to return to camp to grab some of the herbs he needed for birthing, she sprints back and meets a patrol that is heading for Sorreltail, after pausing to ask why they were leaving, she slips into the medicine cat den to receive the herbs needed. Y'know, I was thinking to myself "I haven't updated my "Rants" book in forever! Dovewing is arguing with Ivypool for choosing to speak out and not supporting Twigpaw in finding her kin. When they arrive at the Tribe's home, she tries a nest that is lined with feathers. Along the border, they meet a ShadowClan patrol lead by Tigerheart. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. He tells Dovewing and Lionblaze that there is a fourth cat, much to their astonishment. Father: Graystripe: Living (As of Graystripe's Vow) Sisters: Blossomfall: Living (As of Darkness Within) Briarlight: Deceased, verified StarClan member. Ivypool comments that Dovewing looks tired. She notices Blossomfall sneaking out and decides to follow, telling Bumblestripe she is going to the dirtplace to deter him from following. Analyzing Ivypool’s Family Tree by Flamekit. Son of Dustpelt and Ferncloud. She sits with Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Toadstep, hissing at the tom in frustration. The warrior code will last forever. As Bramblestar calls for a Clan meeting, Alderpaw admires that he stands stronger and taller than the other cats, including brave warriors like Lionblaze and Dovewing. Dovewing gives status reports on the other Clans during the battle, also worrying over Firestar throughout when she hears Sandstorm say that he is on his last life. Hollyleaf comments at how big the two apprentices have gotten, remembering when they were kits. Dovewing walks away from Lionblaze who is still sitting from their talk with Jayfeather. Dovewing, angry and confused, rejects resuming their forbidden relationship and while she may still love him, she can no longer fully trust him. At the Gathering, she sits with Bumblestripe and seems to show some affection for him. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. Dovewing is a ShadowClan warrior under Tigerstar's leadership in the forest territories, previously a warrior of ThunderClan under Firestar's and Bramblestar's leaderships. Bumblestripe thanks her, saying he can't wait until they have kits of her own and that she'll be a great mother. Last Updated: 28th of March 2015 This map is a compilation of all possible family trees for the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. After Bumblepaw learns the Lightning Strike technique, by his mentor, he is shown to be very eager to show the newly learned move to Dovepaw and Ivypaw. He then persuades the rest of the patrol to go on without him. Lionblaze takes Dovepaw out hunting and training with her sister and Cinderheart. She and her sister, Ivykit, are born to Whitewing and Birchfall in the middle of leaf-bare. Dovewing tries to hear the other camps again, but it doesn’t work. She has a nick in the tip of her ear, and a long, squirrel-like, bushy tail. Squirrelflight, then Squirrelpaw, was a ThunderClan apprentice in the old territories. Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Dovewing was not present. Tigerheart agrees with her. Dovewing is sweet and kind, but can be headstrong and believes what she is doing right even in the toughest situations. Dovewing lies and says that the forest sounds kept her awake. Dovepaw is upset by this, but she is shooed off and goes to join patrols. All throughout their hunting trip, Dovepaw is distracted, attempting in vain to listen to Lionblaze and Jayfeather’s conversation. As they leave, she thinks to herself she'll sort out things with Bumblestripe later but right now she felt she was exactly where she needed to be, at Tigerheart's side. There are over 30 books and rumored to be more than 900 characters in all of them. It was revealed that Dovewing will most likely have another mate. She appears deep in conversation with Bumblestripe, unaware of Tigerheart as he watches through narrowed eyes. That night, Dovepaw meets with Tigerheart at the arranged spot. Jayfeather is too busy with tending to Foxleap so Dovewing will go back tomorrow. Dovewing is one of the Three, and completing that trio. She notices that ThunderClan has the most former trainees, and Bramblestar says less of their survived, but this doesn’t make Dovewing any better. Dovewing hurries them back to camp with their prey before Bumblestripe can say more. Dovepaw feels better at this, but still wants to tell Firestar about Leopardstar's death. They head down to it, remembering how it is just a muddy patch with dead fish. She gives the news to the rest of the Clan. Millie-cinnamon silver broken mackerel tabby with hazel eyes; I wanted to combine her comic book version and her written version. Ivypool defends herself and alludes to her focusing too much on their "guests". Dovewing is seen in camp with Tigerheart, watching Rowanstar and Bramblestar argue over their next attack while Ivypool glares at her and the tom. How Dovewing and Bumblestripe are … She asks if they should tell Firestar, but Jayfeather only counters with asking would she really want to wake their leader. Dovewing is seen at a Clan meeting, anxious over Darktail's rogues and their attack on WindClan. She had feared that she wouldn't pass since she didn't catch anything, but because of her actions during Icecloud's accident, she was deemed worthy of becoming a warrior. Firestar takes quick action and gets quick patrols for the tunnel openings. She and Lionblaze both showed surprise when Spiderleg recommended her for becoming a warrior. Dovewing is seen briefly when the remaining ShadowClan cats shelter in ThunderClan. She reluctantly agrees and walks to the border, running so quickly that she nearly crashes into Firestar. Dovewing had the ability to see places and cats that aren't around her, but this power was revoked after her prophecy had been fulfilled. 3 comments. Saved by Microsoft Bing. Fun Facts about the name Dovewing. To Dovewing's dismay, Ivypool agreed to spy on the Dark Forest. Even her father tells her to stop telling lies. Dovepaw retaliates with her knowledge about the Dark Forest meetings, and Ivypaw tells her that Tigerheart visits the Dark Forest, too. Whitewing notices Dovewing’s distress and goes to fetch moss with her. Cinderheart gets it out and Brambleclaw finds the stick that caused the problem. ThunderClan declares the battle done, and all the cats leave in silence. But lets look into the family tree of the two, shall we? Bramblestar wonders privately if things were alright between them. Hollyleaf: Dead, Verified StarClan member. Soon after their quest begins, they head off to the Greenleaf Twolegplace. Midnight tells them everyone fought the Great Battle, and the warrior code will last forever. Eventually, they make it onto the moorlands and just outside WindClan camp. Dovewing later admits to Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Ivypool that her powers are not working since the trip to the mountains and wonders if she has lost them forever. Dovewing has had nightmares for a moon after they came back from their journey. Lionblaze and Cinderheart, Ivypaw's mentor, take them down to the lake and to gather water for the current drought. Dovewing, after gaining her warrior name, explores the tunnels with Ivypool. Dovewing is born in ThunderClan as the daughter of Whitewing and Birchfall. Dovewing goes to get mousebile for Purdy’s tick, but Foxleap dies and Dovewing is in shock. Dovewing lies and says they were talking about the strange scents found in every Clans' territory as the leaders had discussed during the Gathering. Cloudtail-dominant solid white with blue eyes.Brightheart-amber non-tabby with green eyes.No white spotting since neither of her parents have it. Dovewing is first seen when Tigerheart meets her. Dovepaw coaxes Ivypaw into going into WindClan territory to see how Sedgewhisker is doing, as she is worried about her friend after the dog attack. She talks to Splash and tells her that she misses the trees and grass. While Dovepaw listens closely to what Lionblaze had to say, Ivypaw wanders away to investigate a dead fish on the ground. She still has hearing and sight, so Midnight tells her to use them as other cats do, and they’ll never weaken further. Graystripe’s son, (Dovewing’s second cousin twice removed by marriage) is . When they both recover enough to look up at the beam, it looks whole, but when they look closer, they notice a tiny, fresh split in it. Later, she's approached by Tigerheart. Learn more about your favourite Warriors and their ancestors in this interactive family tree. During the battle, Dovewing is surprised to see Tigerheart fighting on the side of the Clans. Dovepaw finds Jayfeather in his den, and they have a quarrel. She whispers to her sister if she should get their father, but Ivypool says they aren’t welcome, they are traitors as well as her. That night, Dovepaw is unable to fall asleep. She hates that the feathers stick to her fur. This shocks Tigerheart, but Dovewing says it's not important now. Rock blamed the existence of the three, if Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing did not come, the prophecy that involved the Dark Forest rising would not have been fulfilled. Brambleclaw asks the two warriors to take their apprentices and patrol the hollow border for foxes. Dovepaw returns from the journey and is struggling emotionally as she does not have the comfort of her new found friends, but she still does make up with Ivypaw, and tells her that she will always be her friend, and will never leave her again. It is mentioned on Brightheart's and Cloudtail's page that their kit Whitewing, gave birth to Dovewing and Ivypool, who both played a critical part in saving the Clans from the Dark Forest. Dovewing goes to find Bumblestripe, learning at the same time her powers are back. Dovepaw awakens only to be bothered by another dream revolving around the death of Rippletail, still believing that it was her fault that the tom had died on the journey. Lionblaze noticed that she seemed tired and weary, though he doesn't know why. A few cats are surprised how Dovewing can be so sure. Originally, these two were not directly connected, however, Vicky has since stated otherwise. Mothwing suggests that the former Dark Forest trainees swear a new oath of loyalty. She tells him naively about Jayfeather's herb patch. Ivypaw trained hard, even though Dovepaw always seemed to hear and see things faster than anyone, On the occasion when Ivypaw makes the first catch, she knew Dovepaw let her. The basic idea was that Brokenmist takes Ivypool's place since she and Duckshine (Dovewing) are no longer part of the prophecy. She sees Shrewfoot with Tigerheart and feels a spark of jealousy, but ignores it. Dovewing is surprised and replies she's sure he doesn't see her that way. They have enough to worry about repairing the camp and building their strength for leaf-bare. The warriors don't believe her, thinking it's just a tale from the nursery, some even complaining about this nonsense. Yea, that's not gonna happen. Then Heathertail and Breezepelt are chosen to lead them back to ThunderClan camp. Throughout the book, Dovewing appears to have feelings for Tigerheart still, but is now more determined to get over him. They accuse her of spying, but Jayfeather says they were given powers to save, not destroy, the Clans. This page contains the complete family lineage of Dovewing, and contains all known ancestors and descendants. Just before the battle, Dovewing is in ThunderClan camp, giving reports on the positions of the Dark Forest cats to Firestar. Dovewing joins Ivypool, who is grieving for Hollyleaf, as the she-cat gave her life to save Ivypool. She saw a future of a cat in her Clan, not secret love with Tigerheart. Brightheart, Cloudtail, Dustpelt, Ferncloud, Brindleface, Frostfur, Fuzzypelt, Lionheart, Oliver, Princess, Robinwing, Whitestorm, Jake, Nutmeg, Smallear, Snowfur, Speckletail, Thistleclaw, Crystal, Harepounce, Moonflower, Poppydawn, Stagleap, Stormtail, Windflight, Daisytoe, Eaglestorm, Fallowsong, Rooktail, Squirrelwhisker, Ambermoon, Dewnose, Foxleap, Hollykit, Icecloud, Larchkit, Shrewpaw, Snowbush, Spiderleg, Ashfur, Brackenfur, Cherrypaw, Chestnutkit, Cinderpelt, Elderkit, Livy, Nami, Ravenpaw, Taylor, Thornclaw, Tulipkit, Zack, Filou, Firestar, Goldenflower, Luna, Mistlekit, Snowkit, Tommy, Bluestar, Ferris, One-eye, Rosetail, Sweetpaw, Whiskers, Longtail, Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Sorreltail, Honeyfur, Larksong, Leafshade, Rosepetal, Toadstep, Cinderheart, Eaglewing, Finchpaw, Flamepaw, Flickerkit, Honeyfern, Lilyheart, Molepaw, Plumstone, Poppyfrost, Seedpaw, Shellfur, Stemleaf, Bramblestar, Leafpool, Lynxkit, Squirrelflight, Swiftpaw, Tawnypelt, Cricketkit, Featherkit, Mistystar, Mosskit, Mousefur, Runningwind, Stonefur, Cherryfall, Fernsong, Flywhisker, Hollytuft, Molewhisker, Snaptooth, Sorrelstripe, Spotfur, Alderheart, Baypaw, Dandelionkit, Dawnpelt, Flametail, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Juniperkit, Lionblaze, Myrtlepaw, Sparkpelt, Tigerstar, Leopardfoot, Mistkit, Nightkit, Patchpelt, Redtail, Spottedleaf, Tigerstar, Willowpelt, Blossomfall, Briarlight, Bumblestripe, Feathertail, Stormfur, Breeze That Rustles the Leaves, Feather of Flying Hawk, Lark That Sings at Dawn, Pine That Clings to Rock.

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